Andromeda design

HPL loudspeakersystems  and  photography 



Established  in 2003 andromeda design has developed loudspeakers of  wood /braced mdf and finally now , modern ultra stiff /non resonant composite materials .

Intrigued at that time by hearing high end loudspeakers, a " how do they do that curiousity developed" , which resulted in the XPE loudspeaker.of today

XPE stands for xperimental  preserve energy  and is chosen because a loudspeaker is simply a device which can  lose information  along the way,  which we wanna prevent , adding character to the sound  is off course something we wanna avoid all together .

Andromeda design  products are made by a variety of specialized professional companies which are individually contracted to make specific parts for each product , therefore the quality standard is extremely high .