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XPE loudspeakersystem


Andromeda design currently makes one loudspeaker model.

This is  a real full range soundmachine , with virtually no loss of output at 20  HZ and extending to well above 20 kHz ,  no subwoofers needed with this model  , it will play at very high SPL s without noticeable distortion, which was/is  a design goal

This model can be ordered with 2 different types of tweeters , one is a softdome and one is a  ringradiator soft dome tweeter .

The previous has a straight output on axxis of well over 20 kHz , and the latter has a gradual downslope to about - 3 db at 20 kHz .

We prefer a - 3 db downslope .

Freq response is +- 1,5 db  400 hz 13 kHz   ,measured at 1/6 oct and this is a average room response not measured in an anechoic situation  in which  we dont listen  anyway.

Bassextension/tuning  is largely done by wooferspecs/volume  and expirience,  the woofers fire sideways in mirror image   .

There are 2 finishes , one is the finish shown in the picture,  the other one is a model which has  beautifull thin wooden inlays in the side of the speaker ,also virtually  any colour can be implemented

The first is 2 times spraypainted /polished , the second is 7 times spraypainted  /polished  to a mirror finish

Dimensions are incl footers :  height 1345 mm  wide 300 mm   deep  670 mm , with sloping front front for  improved dispersion.

The speakers come with professional wooden packaging and can be wheeled out of the crate  

Price is  49.900 euro a pair and the luxury version is 53.200 euro a pair these are consumer prices incl VAT  .

Demo pair available in black  for   19.900   euro per pair incl  taxes