Andromeda design

HPL loudspeakersystems  and  photography 



Those who are after a natural ,highly accurate ,real  full range soundexpirience will enjoy the XPE loudspeakerdesign.

Designed to compete with anything on the market regardless of price ( comparable systemsize/membranesurface )

This design is a ultra stiff /non resonant monocoque , 4 way loudspeaker in MTM configuration.

Its made from 40  mm HPL solid plates (phenolic resin composite )  over 250 kg a piece , braced inside  with HPL as well  .

The mid- unit  membranes are made of stiff propietary natural  fibers which have a  natural presentation .

The woofers are made in Germany and  are 11 inch , 12 inch respectively ,  stiff non resonant membranes with  a natural presentation, and a  very low resonance freq.

Tweeters used are multiple in this design as described elsewhere , but as with all other components are chosen for their excellent specs and  natural  presentation never harsh, always  without any listening fatigue  

The speakers stand on top of the line finite element cerabase classic  devices , 70 mm wide at the bottom so they will not leave an imprint  on solid wooden floors , distortion through speaker resonance has become a thing of the past with the XPE design at whatever SPL .

Regarding basstuning for different environments / rooms , the bassreflex system consists of 2 pipes which can be used as a whole or used seperately  , one can either use the short or long version , for difficult environments the system can function as a closed system in which the reflex opening can be closed all together .

The bassreflex pipes are machined out of high grade aluminium alloy and then clear anodized .

Another design feature is aiming at a  high overall  efficiency  +- 93 db and high impedance X over design   .

The XPE ls is therefore easy to drive and  will show its full potential already with 18-20 watts minimum , making it a good partner for lamm set amps 18 watt .

Or any 18 watt amp  or higher rated   power/integrated amplifier, be it tube or solid state , we currently use Convergent pre /poweramp with KT 120 tubes . 

It is has been tested with 300 B(8 watts )  amplification but fell  just a little short  on control /dynamics .,